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  • Landing Page Tools for Side Projects

    One challenge that every side project has is attracting and engaging users. Whether your side project is an open source library, a software as a service, or a physical product, you need a way to quickly tell visitors about it and hook them into trying it. That’s where a landing page comes in.

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  • Email Marketing Tools for Side Projects

    One of the most effective ways to encourage repeat visitors to your side project, to engage paying customers, and to improve conversion rates is to get people to sign up with their email address.

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  • How to Use the Side Project Marketing Checklist

    I’ve been trying to make marketing my side projects as simple as checking a few boxes off a list every week. While I realize that this isn’t going to make my side projects market leaders, it is a lean way to build traction and gain users.

    The reason I’ve failed at marketing in the past is that I made it too complicated, so the side project marketing checklist I created aims to fix that. Here’s how I’ve been using it to market my side projects:

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  • Why Side Projects Need Marketing

    How many of your side projects have died because you never got any user traction?

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