Conversion metrics are a concrete way to tell if your startup is on track for success. If you’re getting email list subscribers, social media shares, and, most importantly, sales, you know that your strategies are working. If you aren’t obtaining conversions, you’ll want to try some new tactics. Squarespace—a website builder and hosting service—features numerous tools you can use to increase your conversions.

How Squarespace Can Help

The best conversion weapon in Squarespace’s armory is the cover page. The cover or “landing” page displays limited but concise information. The entire point of the cover page is to convert.

Squarespace features an internal analytics reporting area. The “Form & Button Conversions” panel displays information about button clicks. You can also integrate Google Analytics with Squarespace to learn about other types of visitor tracking and reporting metrics.

Head over Squarespace to start a free trial. You have 14 days before you have to choose which paid plan is right for you. The first thing you’ll do is pick a template. Then, you’ll add a cover page which you can use as either a landing page or your home page.

Supercharging Your Email List

Once you’ve chosen a cover page, it’s time to integrate a mailing list signup box. The picture below shows a perfect example of a cover page which is designed to convert website visitors into subscribers of an email list.

Notice how there’s only one, short paragraph on the entire page which details what the company does and why you should sign up for the newsletter. In this example, the company sells rare cookware, dining pieces, and utensils. They attract visitors to sign up for the mailing list by offering information about these products. You’re going to want to write something similar, customized to your side project.

Four tactics to use in the pursuit of mailing list signups are:

  • Offer exclusive discounts
  • Give a free ebook to new subscribers
  • Propose first-to-know information
  • Hint of a special deal on their birthday

Offering discounts is a powerful way to entice visitors to sign up. After all, if people are close to buying something, they’ll surely want to buy it on sale. Writing an ebook and giving it away for free is a great way to raise interest. The ebook can better explain your startup as well as any products or services you offer. Subscribers to your newsletter can be part of the “in-crowd” and get access to information (new blog post topics, products, services, etc) before it’s made public. Hinting at a special deal on a would-be subscriber’s birthday fosters curiosity which can result in a conversion.

Getting the Word Out

After your landing page is set up, it’s time to drive traffic in that direction. Share a link to your new page on social media! Write an article about it on your blog or on another blog as part of a guest post. You can even try pay-per-click advertising to get people to visit your cover page. Try different techniques to see what works best for conversions.

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