Your blog is a marketing tool used to promote your side project. Each time you publish an article you can share it through various social media channels. The goal here is to attract current and new website visitors. Over time, you’re going to know which blog posts are the most popular. Don’t let them eventually disappear in your old archives! Instead, add them to your Sneeze Page.

A Sneeze Page—a compendium of links to your best posts—should attract website visitors like bees to honey. And here’s the best part: You’ll give new visitors to your website a great first impression which can convert them into followers.

Do you know which posts are your most popular? Before you create your Sneeze Page, you need to identify the articles people love. Visitor count, blog comments, social media shares—these are the indicators you’ll use to determine whether or not you should add the article link on your Sneeze Page.

Visitor count is the clearest way to tell how popular any given page is on your website. Google Analytics—which we mention on our Marketing Checklist page—will give you this information. If you’re using Wordpress, install Monster Insights’ Google Analytics plugin to get analytics right from your dashboard.

Speaking of our Marketing Checklist page, we consider that to be our Sneeze Page.

Tips from Our Sneeze Page

The Marketing Checklist is a comprehensive collection of concise and useful information for people starting side projects. The page includes links to internal blog posts as well as external links to different marketing tools. It’s a one-stop shop which gives you everything you need to begin marketing your side project.

Our Sneeze Page includes information about competitor research, customer research, public relations preparations, website, email, blog, and social media setup, and more. Everything is in one place! The informative and concise nature of the page makes it shareable content. Take a glance at our Marketing Checklist below.

Retarget Your Followers

Keep your followers in the loop! Each time you make a revision to your Sneeze Page you should be sharing it on social media. When you make major revisions, include the updates in your email newsletter.

Here’s the entire point of retargeting your current followers: They will be spending more time on your website. The more often people visit your website the better chance you have at converting them. Whether you want a sale, signups for an email newsletter, or something else, retargeting is a powerful way to get people interested in your startup idea again.

Final Considerations

Creating a Sneeze Page doesn’t take much more effort than writing a comprehensive blog article, and it’s a great tool for your side project toolbox. To learn what others are, make sure you follow us on Twitter.