The customer is the lifeblood of any business. Happy customers will allow your side project to grow; however, unhappy customers would quickly destroy it. This is why impeccable customer service is crucial to your short and long-term success.

Intercom—a customer support and engagement tool—is the answer to keeping your customers content when they need help. Here’s how it works: Once you install the Intercom Messenger, you’ll be able to assist customers right from your website. There are four areas where Intercom shines in relation to interacting with customers. They are:

  • Collaborate
  • Automate
  • Scale
  • Improve

Install and Collaborate with Customers

Installing Intercom Messenger is easy. Simply go to Settings and find the code snippet. You’ll copy then paste it in the footer of every page of your website. That’s it!

When a customer or lead visits your website, they’re able to converse with you via a chat box. You can set it up where a bot takes initial inquiries. Afterward, you can get involved if the inquiry cannot be answered by the bot.

Automate the Workflow

Automating answers to inquiries is an efficient way to handle customer questions. You can create automated responses based on frequently asked questions. If you have a team of support personnel, you’re able to automatically assign inquiries to specific people on your team based on the particular questions asked.

Another great feature of automated responses is the ability to pull answers from your knowledge base. Let’s talk about that next.

Scale Your Support

Your Knowledge Base—a compendium of information related to your project—is a vital resource for your customers. Intercom will suggest articles from your Knowledge Base during a “conversation” between a customer and your bot.

You have the ability to allow customers to search through Knowledge Base articles right from the Messenger area. This will allow their questions to be answered even before starting a chat, allowing your time, and theirs, to be saved.

Improve and Measure Customer Satisfaction

Measurements are key to knowing the satisfaction levels of your customers. They are concrete metrics which you can, therefore, improve upon.

Which articles do your website visitors enjoy the most? A characteristic of the articles in the Knowledge Base is the ability for customers to assign a particular “reaction” to them. They can choose to like it, love it, or dislike it, among having other types of reactions.

When are the days and times the Knowledge Base gets the most traffic? Intercom details this in their own analytics report. In addition, Intercom showcases which of your articles are the most popular.

Applications and Integrations

Intercom works with over 100 applications including Facebook, Slack, and Google Meet. Speaking of Google Meet, here’s an amazing feature of this integration: You’re able to start a video call right from your chat window! Google even allows customers to schedule a future meeting via Google Maps integration.

For more tips on how to use Intercom, head to the Intercom Help Center. Finally, follow us on Twitter for our latest tips.