Imagine this: your side project is gaining traction; however, you’ve found your time—your most valuable resource—has become extremely limited. You look for ways to optimize how you promote your project and find conversations online relevant to it. And then you find F5Bot. At first glance, you realize this might be the perfect solution!

What is F5Bot?

F5Bot is a service that emails you when your targeted keywords appear on Reddit, Hacker News, and Lobste.​rs. Here’s the best part: it’s completely free. If someone on Reddit mentions your website, you’ll receive an email with a link to the discussion. You’ll be able to join and help steer that conversation. It might mean addressing a certain unanswered question. It might also mean ultimately gaining more followers or customers.

F5Bot can help you track competitors too. For example, if someone on Reddit mentions Competitor A you can be notified. When you reach out to them it’s more of a “warm call” than a cold one. They’re already interested in the product or service.

Your Target Keywords

After signing up and confirming your email you’ll be taken to a “Create New Alert” page. This is where you’ll enter the target keyword(s) you want to monitor. Note: you can only enter one keyword or phrase at a time; however, you’re able to add up to 200 keywords per account. If you need to track more keywords, just make another free account.

Adding target keywords is easy. Once you add your first keyword, a table will immediately be populated below. Then, you can continue adding keywords as you please. F5Bot works quickly as a web crawler. You should receive an email within minutes of your target keyword appearing on supported websites.

F5Bot is packed with advanced search parameters. Here are some of them:

  • Boolean logic
  • Special symbols
  • Flags

Boolean Logic

Let’s say you’ve created a SaaS project which increases office productivity. You want to be alerted when people talk about “office productivity” so you add it as a keyword.

You might also want to know when only ‘office’ or ‘productivity’ are talked about. Searching ‘office and productivity’ won’t do the trick. That will hit on the exact phrase ‘office and productivity’. You would want to create separate keywords for ‘office’ and ‘productivity’.

Special Symbols

One of the best ways to find business is having the answer (your project) when someone has a question. But first, you need to find the person asking the question. F5Bot takes advantage special symbols in their keyword parameters. Question marks, exclamation points, periods, commas—these are among the symbols you can use.

Targeting the keyword phrase ‘office productivity?’ should net questions related to your project, using our SaaS example.


Depending on your project, you might only want results from Hacker News and Lobste.​rs. This is where you’ll put the flags feature to use. Inputting ‘no-reddit’ in the flags field will disable any Reddit-related results when you receive your keyword tracker email.

For more tips on using F5bot, head to F5Bot Docs, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter to get the latest tips every week.