Collecting surveys from your users or potential users is one of the best ways to gauge how and why they’re interested in your product. Sometimes you may be surprised by what you learn, but more often, surveys are a great way to identify your strongest advocates and highlight their happiness.

While developers can easily build forms to capture customer responses, it’s usually much faster to use an off-the-shelf product or service. Below we’ve collected some of our favorite options.

All Survey and Form Tools

  • 0  Contactr ($0) - A free on-site contact form service that doesn’t require a backend connection.

  • 0  Formspree ($0) - This has quickly become my favorite way to handle contact forms, but you can also use it embed a form on any static website. The responses are emailed to you as they come in, and it’s free.

  • 0  Google Forms ($0) - Google Forms is simple, free, and it integrates into Google Sheets, allowing you to capture data right where you can use it.

  • 0  Google Surveys ($0.1) - If you want to poll the general public, Google Surveys let you start as low as 10 cents per response.

  • 0  IdeaCheck ($49) - Helps you validate your ideas and will even find respondents for your survey.

  • 0  Insight Stash ($19) - Fast, simple, and good-looking feedback forms for less than $20/month.

  • 0  Lime Survey ($0) - Free and open source or you can pay for a hosted version.

  • 0  MicroHero Surveys ($0) - Focused on mobile. Allows you to create surveys for your customers or they’ll help you find respondents for $0.10 per response.

  • 0  Picklelist ($0) - Great for conducting quick polls and giving your audience a look at the results.

  • 0  Polls+ ($0) - Beautifully simple polls for your website.

  • 0  SurveyMonkey ($0) - Capture real voices and opinions and make sense of them at scale.

  • 0  TellForm ($0) - Create stunning embedable forms for recruiting, market research, surveys and more. All for free.

  • 0  Twitter Polls ($0) - If you have a significant Twitter following, these are a great way to get responses to your questions.

  • 0  Typeform ($0) - Makes really good looking and fun forms that integrate well with other services.

  • 0  Wufoo ($0) - Wufoo is one of my favorite embeddable forms because you can also handle integrations with services like Mailchimp, Google Sheets, and Stripe. This makes your forms really dynamic.

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