I’m a big fan of contacting bloggers and journalists directly, but it’s incredibly time consuming to do so. Sometimes, a low-cost or free press release is well worth it, so if you’re considering investing in one for your side project, look no further.

I took to Quora and asked our readers at the Side Project Checklist to weigh in, and here are the press release tools we came up with. If you have other suggestions for me, feel free to submit them here, and don’t forget to vote on your favorites!

All Press Release Tools

  • 2  PRnob.com ($29) - Get your press release published on 10000+ news and media outlets.

  • 1  Find-me ($9) - A massive list of bloggers that you pay just $9/month for access to.

  • 1  PR Buzz ($299) - While their package is more expensive, it offers unlimited releases in a year.

  • 1  PRWeb ($99) - Adds SEO to your release by distributing it on their site as well as many others.

  • 1  Press Release Jet ($49) - They offer a low-cost package for startups that distributes your release to 250+ quality media sites as well as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Google News and Bing News.

  • 0  24-7 PressRelease ($49) - Their Visibility Boost package distributes your release to 50+ media sites.

  • 0  ANewswire ($0) - They’ll publish your release for free, but you pay (as little as $20) to have it distributed to other sites and journalists.

  • 0  EReleases ($299) - Guaranteed distribution on 75 media sites, plus they send your release out to over 100,000 journalists.

  • 0  Newswire ($59) - They have a low-cost package without guarantee of pickup.

  • 0  OpenPR ($0) - Free if you backlink to openpr.com.

  • 0  PR.com ($30) - Offers a low-cost package, but no guaranteed syndication, so it may or may not be a good deal.

  • 0  PRLog ($0) - Free ad-supported distribution with options to purchase premium packages

  • 0  WebWire ($0) - WebWire hosts a list of trade journals by industry that could be very helpful if you’re exploring a new market and want to know what the major news sources are.

Did I miss a tool that you love? Submit your suggestions here, or email me to suggest an update.