While free and low-cost marketing tactics might be able to take you pretty far, some industries with more established markets are best broached with advertising. The great thing about online advertising is that you can get really granular with your targeting and avoid spending money on users who aren’t converting well.

Many of the online advertising platforms listed below can help you segment your market, “re-market” to people who have visited your site before, or target really specifically by demographics or location. This focused advertising is probably the only kind you should be doing when you don’t have money to burn on “brand-awareness” like big companies do.

All Online Advertising Platforms

  • 2  BannerSnack ($0) - Online banner ad creator to design banners and build advertising campaigns.

  • 2  Facebook Ads - Target customers directly or use their remarketing platform to get in front of people when they’re most likely to purchase.

  • 1  Clickky - Clickky is a full-stack platform for mobile advertisers and publishers, with the current focus on its own self-service platform.

  • 1  Google Adwords - Get your name in front of customers as they search on Google.

  • 1  LinkedIn Ads - Targeted advertising on LinkedIn can help you reach people in specific careers or professional interests.

  • 0  AdEspresso - AdEspresso helps you create, analyze, and optimize your Facebook advertisements.

  • 0  Affiliate.com - affiliate.com has one of the strictest affiliate approval processes in the industry, which ensures that your offer will only be promoted by high-quality affiliates.

  • 0  Bing Ads - Bing may be second to Google in search engines, but it still gets 5 billion searches per month.

  • 0  Brandify Advertising - Brandify is a provider of location-based digital marketing solutions and local ads.

  • 0  Commission Junction - Affiliate marketing platform that allows you to customize your ads while only paying for conversions and sales.

  • 0  Contextly - Contextly provides a content recommendation system for publishers.

  • 0  Flightly for Twitter Ads - Flightly is an Twitter Marketing Platform that partners with Twitter on their Ads API and Mobile Measurement

  • 0  IZEAx - IZEAx is an influencer marketing platform for agencies and brands that automates influencer and content marketing programs.

  • 0  InMobi - InMobi is a mobile-first platform allowing brands, developers and publishers to engage consumers through mobile advertising.

  • 0  Instagram Ads - Video and photo ads that show up right in peoples’ streams.

  • 0  Launchbit - LaunchBit integrates with targeted email newsletters and niche blogs to get you in front of loyal, engaged audiences.

  • 0  NativeX - NativeX provides native ad technology especially for mobile games.

  • 0  Outbrain - Outbrain powers recommended links on lots of reputable blogs and news sites.

  • 0  OwnLocal - OwnLocal is the automated digital ad platform for local media. We take traditional ads and automatically turn them into digital marketing.

  • 0  Pinterest Ads - Reach people with promoted Pins. Especially good for visually appealing products or designs.

  • 0  Pocketmath - Pocketmath is the world’s largest, self-serve, mobile advertising platform for buying programmatic real-time bidding (RTB) inventory.

  • 0  Reddit - You probably know Reddit as the place to share links online, but they also do mobile and desktop ads.

  • 0  Simpli.fi - Simpli.fi is a demand side platform (DSP) transforming local online advertising.

  • 0  SponsoredReviews.com - Connects advertisers with niche bloggers for bespoke content marketing.

  • 0  Taboola - Taboola recommends editorial and sponsored content across many of the world’s most highly-trafficked sites

  • 0  TrackingDesk - Conversion Tracking & Ad Campaign management platform for digital marketers, affiliates and bloggers. PPC, SEO, Social, Display

  • 0  Twitter Ads - Hundreds of millions of people turn to Twitter to discover what’s happening in the world. Twitter Ads can help you connect with this audience and get meaningful results.

  • 0  Virool - Get your video in front of the right people with Virool’s programmatic video advertising platform.

  • 0  Vungle - Vungle helps mobile application developers promote and monetize their apps through in-app video trailers.

  • 0  Yahoo! - News, email and search are a few of the platforms Yahoo supports for advertising.

  • 0  Yieldbot - Yieldbot captures and organizes web publisher intents and makes them available for advertisers to match offers and ads with the content.

  • 0  Yodle - Yodle is a local online marketing solution that helps small, local businesses find and keep customers in the simplest, most profitable ways.

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