If you’ve stumbled on this project from somewhere on the internet, then welcome! While I compiled the side project marketing checklist because I had a hard time marketing my projects, thousands of people have read and shared it, dozens of people have made suggestions for improving the project, and a few have even helped make changes. The community is what makes a project like this successful, so I hope that you will help the project improve by making updates and suggestions.

If you’d like to make a contribution, but you’re not sure how you can help, here are some ideas:

Some Ideas for Contributing

1. Take a look at the issues

If there are any issues on Github you can help with, go for it! See the instructions below for how to make a pull request.

2. Submit a guest blog post

You can write about anything that’s appropriate for our audience of side project and startup owners. As long as your post is well-written, original, and not spammy, I’m happy to publish it on the site. Some blog post ideas that would be great include:

  • Marketing tips
  • Stories of how you marketed your side project
  • Interviews with people who have successful side projects
  • Lists of related resources for side projects
  • Social media “hacks” or tips that have worked for you

3. Add a new marketing tactic to the list

The Side Project Checklist is a living document, so I’m open to adding new ideas, especially if you’ve had success with them in the past. We are a community of builders, hackers, and developers who thrive on new ideas. Add yours to the community!

4. Ask a question

If you have a request or question about marketing your project, post it on the Github issues. One of the hundreds of people watching this repository might get back to you with some advice.

How to make a contribution

We keep the checklist organized by hosting it on Github. Github is a popular tool for open source projects, but if you’re not familiar with it, that’s okay. You can still contribute to the project, and here’s how:

1. Get Familiar with the Checklist

Before you make a suggestion or submit a change, please take a few minutes and ask yourself these questions:

  • Has an issue already been created? On Github, we keep a running lists of “issues,” or ideas to improve the checklist. Before you make a suggestion, see if there’s already an issue open for your topic area.

  • What about the blog? I’m working on moving common requests and lists of services to the blog, so be sure to see if your improvement might be a better fit for a blog post. If so, you can contribute (see the three methods below) or open an issue to improve an existing blog post.

  • Will it benefit other side projects? Finally, keep in mind the spirit and audience of the checklist. This list is for people who need help marketing their casual side projects. Services that cost thousands of dollars per month are probably not appropriate. That said, self-promotion of a project you maintain is okay so long as it’s appropriate for our audience.

2. Make or Suggest an Update

There are three ways that you can contribute to the Side Project Marketing Checklist. While I would prefer Github issues or pull requests, I will respond to email suggestions as well.

Method 1: Fork and Pull Request

The quickest way to improve the checklist is to use your Github account to fork this repository and make a pull request. This is much easier for me as I can review your change and approve it or give you feedback right from the platform.

Method 2: Create an Issue

If you aren’t sure what the fix would be or you’d like to have a conversation about something before you create a pull request, then add an issue to this repository. This allows other community members to join the conversation and discuss the idea before anybody spends time on it.

Method 3: Email Me

Finally, if you’re not on Github or unsure how to use it, that’s okay! Just send me an email to [email protected]. If it’s something that’s worth discussing I may open an issue for you, otherwise, I will work with you to make the update.