If you want to engage your customers at the moment they’re considering buying your product or signing up for your service, there’s no better way than live chat. You’re probably familiar with Intercom or Autopilot, but there are many other options out there, and their pricing and features vary quite a bit.

Live chat demo using Autopilot

To help you get started, we’ve created this comprehensive list of customer chat tools that would be perfect for your side project.

All Customer Chat Tools

  • 2  Intercom ($49) - Intercom is probably the most well-known player in this space. Their offerings now border on complete customer and sales solutions, but you can just use them for chat as well.

  • 1  Altocloud ($49) - In addition to chat, Altocloud gives you customer journeys, predictive analytics and more.

  • 1  Autopilot ($19.99) - Autopilot covers more than just in-app chat; you can use it to build complex customer journeys as well.

  • 1  Chatra ($0) - You can either wait for visitors to ask you questions or proactively engage them on your sales pages.

  • 1  Crisp.chat ($0) - Crisp offers a free tier for small businesses with just one or two customer service reps, so this could be perfect for a side project just getting started.

  • 0  Chat.io ($10) - Has a Facebook integration that lets you handle Messenger conversations along with chats from website in one app. $10/month with a 14-day free trial.

  • 0  Drift ($0) - Drift seeks to replace your traditional interest forms with a smart chat AI, and they offer a free plan for fewer than 100 contacts.

  • 0  Freshchat ($0) - Also offers a free tier plus personalized and targeted messages.

  • 0  Gitter Sidecar ($0) - Gitter is a developer community chat platform, but they also have a javascript widget that you can use as on-site chat.

  • 0  HelpCrunch ($12) - Messaging integrates into their complete customer-service solution.

  • 0  Hollaback ($0) - Livechat alternative for indie creators

  • 0  Instream ($6) - Chat can be great for gathering leads who aren’t ready to commit their email address. Instream lets you start gathering this data right away.

  • 0  JetLink - Supplement your customer service with smart chatbots that can cut down on the amount of time you spend answering common questions.

  • 0  JivoSite ($0) - Includes a free tier for up to five agents. It also integrates with Facebook messenger if your customers happen to be there as well.

  • 0  Landbot ($20) - Turn a landing page into a chatbot. Create beautiful conversational interfaces in minutes and boost your conversion rate. It’s easy to use, fully customizable and made for lead capturing.

  • 0  LiveChat ($16) - Contact your online visitors in real-time through LiveChat! Chat with your visitors and convert them into customers using the web, desktop and mobile applications. Start your free 60-day LiveChat trial today.

  • 0  LivePerson - LivePerson is more geared towards enterprise customers, but it’s worth looking at. Their plans currently start at $40/month.

  • 0  Reamaze ($20) - Reamaze brings all your customer conversations from social media into one place.

  • 0  Resend - Very similar to Intercom in the way they’ve built their product.

  • 0  Rocketbots ($19) - Rocketbots uses AI to learn from customer chats, suggests replies and automates conversations across live chat or messaging apps.

  • 0  Smallchat ($0) - Smallchat hooks into your existing Slack channel to allow you to talk with customers on your site, and they offer a free plan.

  • 0  Subiz ($9.59) - Analytics for your visitors is included in their chat platform.

  • 0  Tawk ($0) - Lets you chat with people on your website or mobile app. Best of all for small projects, it’s 100% free.

  • 0  Tidio ($0) - Create outbound and inbound responses as well as automated triggers for your messages.

  • 0  UserDeck ($10) - Provides in-app chat as well as an FAQ service for your customers.

  • 0  WG Live Chat Software ($20) - LiveAdmins is one of the world’s leading providers of live chat software and services. Their solutions ensure customer satisfaction, multilingual support, and a high ROI. Each innovative solution is easy to set-up, fully customizable and available round-the-clock - catering to over 10 industries across 8 time zones.

  • 0  Zendesk ($5) - You may be familiar with Zendesk for customer support, but they also have a full-service chat feature for your site.

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