Get the Marketing Checklist

Give your side project a long-term plan for user acquisition and growth that won't cost you a lot of time or money.

Marketing Checklist

Get the Sales Checklist

Create a simple, repeatable sales plan to help you get your first customers without being "that guy".

Sales Checklist

Side Project Marketing & Sales Checklists

What is This?

The side project checklists are comprehensive, chronologically ordered lists of marketing and sales tactics you can try with your next side project. They are free, open source, and designed to be customized to your project's needs.

Why Checklists?

I've been building software side projects for years, but I've always been terrible at marketing and selling them. I come up with some ideas, forget those ideas, do some random stuff, then lose interest. The goal of this project is to fix that by making marketing and sales as simple as a checklist.

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