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Side Project Marketing & Sales Checklists

What is This?

The side project checklists are comprehensive, chronologically ordered lists of marketing and sales tactics you can try with your next side project. They are free, open source, and designed to be customized to your project's needs.

Why Checklists?

I've been building software side projects for years, but I've always been terrible at marketing and selling them. I come up with some ideas, forget those ideas, do some random stuff, then lose interest. The goal of this project is to fix that by making marketing and sales as simple as a checklist.

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  • Using Intercom for Customer Support

    The customer is the lifeblood of any business. Happy customers will allow your side project to grow; however, unhappy customers would quickly destroy it. This is why impeccable customer service is crucial to your short and long-term success.

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  • Creating a Simple Landing Page with Squarespace

    Conversion metrics are a concrete way to tell if your startup is on track for success. If you’re getting email list subscribers, social media shares, and, most importantly, sales, you know that your strategies are working. If you aren’t obtaining conversions, you’ll want to try some new tactics. Squarespace—a website builder and hosting service—features numerous tools you can use to increase your conversions.

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  • Using Google Trends for Market Research

    How successful will your side project be? Ultimately, the buck stops with you; however, there are a number of tools—many of which you’ll find in our weekly newsletter — at your disposal to help you in your marketing efforts. Google Trends is one of those tools.

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  • Why Your Blog Needs a Sneeze Page and How to Build One

    Your blog is a marketing tool used to promote your side project. Each time you publish an article you can share it through various social media channels. The goal here is to attract current and new website visitors. Over time, you’re going to know which blog posts are the most popular. Don’t let them eventually disappear in your old archives! Instead, add them to your Sneeze Page.

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  • Tracking Keywords and Topics with F5Bot

    Imagine this: your side project is gaining traction; however, you’ve found your time—your most valuable resource—has become extremely limited. You look for ways to optimize how you promote your project and find conversations online relevant to it. And then you find F5Bot. At first glance, you realize this might be the perfect solution!

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